10 Principles To Make Millions In Real Estate: Cash Flow

Whether you’re in the game of real estate for the longest time now or you’re new, it’s not too late to learn foundation principles. In this episode, you’re learning …


20 thoughts on “10 Principles To Make Millions In Real Estate: Cash Flow

  1. Kris, I got a great! “idea” for a YouTube video!! Do one on your experiences at Tony Robinson, seminars…
    I went to one when I was about 20years old I am now 41, we walked on fire. You inspire me just like you did! It’s the energy you have and love it thank you!!
    Wild Bill

  2. when buying that first house as a primary residence would the second home also be a primary residence or would it be the investment making us (the buyer) put down 20%?

  3. Hey Kris! I've grown to love your videos and I think they're really inspiring. I am currently 15 years old turning 16 and as you probably know economy in school isn't very helpful nor is it very educational at all. I was wondering if you've ever thought of maybe hosting a livestream, like a questions and answers? I think that'd be really helpful for many including myself. Eitherway thank you for your amazing videos!

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