20 Small Apartments (Lofts) Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design! Subscribe – http://bit.ly/1rgw89b 20 Small Apartments (Lofts) Interior Design Ideas Music: Romantic, New Tattoo; YouTube Audio Library …


29 thoughts on “20 Small Apartments (Lofts) Interior Design Ideas

  1. 1:53 in white walls i like so much. Very hard to wait so long many time juste for a small appart and not yet my own practice house healthy. This « project of normal life » to build some years after I imagine with sadness. So thanks to composed those series of sweet and pretty loft. 2:55 lovely and a little intelligent like of part of my heart. It’s precious for many people who like me don’t have money and free choice to move with security of a « Tanguy surviving in parents’house ». Congratulations

  2. Your video not only small apartments but also a big one. It's so simple and creative
    I like it and give me some view about creative design
    Thank's to make it

    (by: Home Design Channel)

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