3 Bathroom Makeovers | Interior Design

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20 thoughts on “3 Bathroom Makeovers | Interior Design

  1. Rebecca, do you have any ideas for bathroom solutions that hide cords on things that are always plugged in like electric toothbrushes, razors, etc — stuff that sits on the counter because it needs to recharge everyday? I want to hide all that stuff and still have it plugged in and convenient to reach. Thoughts?

  2. 1) NO.. I am not glad the bathroom is blue.. (I don't care for blue). I do like dark blue or Navy blue.. but other shades of blue are totally unappealing to me.
    2) LOVE the second bathroom. The sconces are awesome! And, the way they follow the lines of the mirror makes it all come together so nicely. 👍
    3) I like the third bathroom.. but I am not a fan of the ugly hanging light bulbs. But, all in all.. Great Job RR! And, the client seems very happy.. and that's what counts.

  3. Beautiful bathrooms. The whole in the glass to turn on bathtub faucet a bit out there and I get why needed but does not water from shower splash through? May need a solution to that ….suction cup cover or something.

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