29 thoughts on “8 keys to passing the real estate exam

  1. Hi Joe, so I am starting my courses online at realstateexpress.com and I am planning on get your course too to practice. Are you familiar with that website and if you do what course price would you recommend since I’m trying to save up to take your. I just want to do the course or just want I need to but I am really interested in getting ready with your course I hope this is not so confused lol

  2. I have a quick question. If a seller puts on a transfer disclosure form that there is no issues with the home and an agent is showing the prospect buyer the home when the agent notices a broken shingle due to a store from the day before. Is it the agent fiduciary duty to let the buyer know or not because the seller disclosed no issues

  3. I wish you were my teacher. I am currently taking the 75 hour course, all the professor does is read the book to us. he doesn't really explaine all the difficult concepts so lost😣

  4. I take my test here in Missouri tomorrow, I feel more confident when i hear your voice on these videos. Your awesome man thank you so much for doing this. you don't get enough credit for how helpful this is. I've put HOURS into your videos on my ps4 in the living room,. [Personal Property 😉 ]I think my fiance knows as much as I do! Reading over and over again and forgetting everything I read sucks. Your videos help a lot! Ca't wait for the Brokers license videos! 🙂

  5. Hey just wanted to let you know I just passed my exam with a 96%!!! I missed only a couple questions and I wanted to say thanks! If you know anyone moving to Oregon, let me know!

    -Justin Caputo

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