Colorful, Small Apartment Decorating Ideas | Interior Design

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Colorful, Small Apartment Decorating Ideas | Interior Design

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  • Donna Brown

    Fun….. !

  • Valeria Tejada

    the painting! I love it

  • A. Downing

    Love the apartment decorating. Do you have an area for the baby?

  • paula hard

    So ausome!!!..luvit!!..Very talented..very blessed with talent!!! GOD is.soooooo good..all the time!!!GODbless Bsav..LivnluvinCHRIST..paula

  • Mary Ann Medalla

    Good looking

  • Nandini Ghosh


  • Kinkon skadoosh

    What colour blue is that on the living room wall!!! Beautiful!

  • Nicole Ellis

    Ohh my GOD I LOVE YOU!! I'm addicted to your channel!

  • Neitha Harris

    Love what you did to your apartment.  Is the paint color citron?

  • linda millson

    your bathroom vanity looked a different colour green at the end. did you paint it ?

  • Emma S.

    Beautiful apartment! Congratulations in your new baby!!

  • anerioone

    Nice apartment…ugliest colors ever however

  • Elena Polenichkina

    So cozy! So beautiful!

  • Narrow Gate

    I love the daring colors!! The mirrors in the bedroom/vanity area so nice! Very cool all around! I love the couple too! Good to see people having a good time not being so uptight.

  • GiGi Johnson

    Wow. I have an old small rental and love, love, love the portable tv stand and also love the jewelry mirror. Would really like to see diy.

  • kimberly montalvo

    Looks too retro for my taste. But everyone has their own taste. It's their home not mine. It looks well done for that style.

  • June Corriette

    I loved the mobile TV stand👍

  • Rebecca Berton

    I really enjoyed and appreciated how you went through each design area and elements, where you got items from, etc. very detailed. I think you did a VERY GREAT job explaining every area and everything. I really like a lot of your ideas.
    Tampa, FL

  • Angela

    So, asks viewers to ask questions then doesn't answer them, not cool!

  • Jane Clermont

    I love the tv idea

  • Shonda Cannon


  • Jai Raj Kashyap

    He's a lovely humble guy with an ocean of love for his wife… God bless this beautiful family…

  • Maryanne Moll

    These 238 people who clicked the dislike button on a video featuring Grayson’s creativity are assholes.

  • Madd Scientist

    Love the color combos

  • Janet Joseph

    Like these designers that u have done Robeson ,I would like mind to be done I wish it a hard my miracle too

  • النور علم

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  • النور علم

    I want house réal men who want mary me what i go work for buy house for you mary me ha ha ha

  • Caroline Y

    Nice cohesive color scheme in this apartment

  • Miry Reina

    Talented, sweet annnnd handsome?…awsome combination!

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