How to Pass Your Real Estate License Exam the First Time: Taking the Test

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42 thoughts on “How to Pass Your Real Estate License Exam the First Time: Taking the Test

  1. Omg! I passed My PSI State Exam. On 4/06/19 Funny thing I attended a wedding party a night before, next Morning I took the test. It was a dream come true. Please don’t give up. If I can do it so can you trust me on this one.

  2. I took this advice, after studying relentlessly for five weeks after taking my core classes six months prior. I think without this video I was close to passing, but I believe this took me to the finish line! Thanks!

  3. I’m about to schedule my exam as soon as the wifey is done with the computer. Figured I’d do a quick search on my phone to see what I can expect when I actually take the exam and came across this video. I’m on my back deck and have ladybugs landing on me and flying off…being sure to make a wish every time they take off. The way I look at life, finding this video was meant to be. So glad I clicked the link. 😊

  4. OMG……I listened and applied your positive thinking skills and tonight on my 3rd time I literally passed! I did it! I am a Louisiana Broker! Thank you so much Mr. Ward!

  5. someone told me getting your license is a process not an event. this is because an event is one day. a process is trial and error. since people who didnt pass the first time know how the test is already they have the advantage.

  6. Hi Kevin, wow amazing tips. This next monday is my last Exam for the training course and i will be ready to take my Estate Exam i was thinking about waitting and study for 2 months before i take the test but you have motivated me to do it in a month.
    and i am going to passed my TEST with flying colors. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE.

  7. Hey Kevin, I really enjoyed your videos. You kept my attention! I have been procrastinating about taking my test. I need to do it before my time runs out in a couple months. You have helped me have a more positive mindset. I'm gonna get on this and get it done! I will probably watch this again before I take my test. Thanks 🙂

  8. Kevin, You're awsome! I've been so paranoid about taking the test here in a couple of weeks. When you mentioned, ' What's the worst that could happen? They're not gonna take you to jail…….I lost it laughing so hard. It's brought everything into perspective, So thanks I needed to hear that.

  9. Just came across your two videos for the first time, felt like you were talking directly to me! lol I'm the one procrastinating after completing the online course. Great advice, never thought to skip the hard questions first!!! Taking the test this coming week. Will come back for more videos soon.

  10. Kevin Great information!! especially number #8 I didn't pass my first time and cried like a little baby outside hahha ,I was so upset because I wasn't prepare for the worse but oh well I been preparing my self to retake it and I was so afraid to have that feeling again put I had to work on it and over pass it ,now I am ready !!! the worse can happen is to not pass and have to retake it again, I am glad you took time and I didn't know hard it will be to go back and look for them , plus they don't let you click click click on you mouse , now i know !! wish me luck please 🙂

  11. Kevin , this video is just awesome!! Thanks so much for all the inspiration and support!! I loved your last point , whats the worst thing that can happen …this made me laugh so hard !!! I'm going to make my list and crush this exam !!!! : -))

  12. Hi Kevin, fabulous video. I took your advice, all of it. I passed first time. Yes, it was hard, but as you advised, read each question at least twice, skipped all the ones I didn't know right away, skipped all the math. You are so right to get through the whole test that way so you aren't freaked out about what is coming. First thing I did when I sat down at the computer was make my two columns. One with the question mark, other with an M for math. You're the best, thank you, thank you, thank you. I love your enthusiasm.

  13. yess thank you this was very helpful . i failed by one point ;56.0 to pass i received 55.0 i was so disappointed & i know its because i kept panicking throughout the whole time thinking , what if i fail ?

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