How to prepare for a long distance move

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How to prepare for a long distance move

If you’re planning a long-distance move, you have quite an adventure ahead of you. While moving can be known to be a stressful event, it can also be exciting. If planned right, moving can go more smoothly than you’d expect.

So, if moving across the country is on your to-do list, here are four things to help you prepare for your long-distance move so it’s as stress-free as possible.

Start Making Lists

When it comes to moving, you’ll soon
discover lists will be your best friend. They help keep you organized among the
chaos. Here are three lists you’ll want to make right away.


Create a detailed list of all items that
you will be moving to your new location. For big-ticket items include their
price, as well.

Many long-distance moving companies will
require documentation for the total amount your goods are worth, and items with
a particularly high price value might require an extra fee for packaging and insurance


Create a second list of items you will not be taking with you. All the items
on this list can be sold or donated, but you won’t be including them in your
estimate for moving services. Be sure to include prices for how much they are
worth to make the selling process easier later.


This needs to be the most detailed of all
lists you write up. Include a timeline with the items in this article and due
dates for each one. Stick to a schedule, and you’ll have a much easier time of

Find a Moving Company

Moving long-distance creates numerous
hurdles to overcome, the greatest of which is transporting your belongings. To
make the process as smooth as possible, hiring a moving company is essential.

But before you type, “moving companies
near me” into Google and hire the first one that pops up, follow these simple
steps to ensure you get a reputable, trustworthy company.


Choose long-distance movers that have experience. Check
reviews and ratings, in addition to accreditation from the BBB, for each
company. Narrow your list down to three top-rated companies.


Request in-home estimates from each moving company. Be sure they get a
good look at the actual items you’ll be moving and ask for the estimate to be
given you in writing, along with a list of services provided for the cost.

Never accept an estimate over the phone.
Moving companies worth their salt will come to you and physically appraise how
much space your goods will take in their trucks.

the List:

Decide on which company provides the best
services for the best price. Take into consideration each company’s experience
level and extra offerings, such as a free storage unit for six months at your
new destination.

Your Movers:

When you hire a moving company, they’ll
create a contract detailing when the movers will arrive, what services they
will provide, and the total time it will take for them to transport your goods.

The contract will be very detailed, so
read it thoroughly and ask for clarification, if needed, before you sign.


Remember that list of items you won’t be
taking with you? These items can be sold, and the proceeds used to help fund
your move. There are numerous ways to sell your goods.


Post pictures with a description,
location, and price. Ask people to pick up larger items from your location.


Like Facebook Marketplace, there are
numerous selling apps such as Letgo, OfferUp, and Decluttr that allow you to
post items for sale. You can message prospective buyers through the app and
decide whether you’ll meet them or request they pick up from you.


Hosting a garage sale takes some
coordination, but you have the potential to get your selling done in one day.
Have a list of prices for the items you’re selling and be prepared to be
flexible if offered a lower number than desired.


Any goods you’re unable to sell can be
donated to a local Salvation Army or secondhand store. Many charitable centers
will offer to pick up your items free of charge.

Pack Up

After you’ve gone through the above
steps, it’s time to start packing. Here are three tips to help this process go


Label boxes with color coding according
to the room they belong in. Write short notes about the contents inside for
easy unpacking in your final destination.


Cushion breakables with bubble wrap and
padding. Mark these boxes as fragile for the moving company.


Always double tape your boxes, once
across the top and bottom where the flaps meet, and once across. This provides
maximum strength and support for the goods inside.

You’re Ready to Move

Moving long-distance takes a lot of work. But
as you see, the more organized you are, the better it will go. Lists are your
best friend, and they will help you sort and organize. Hire a moving company
that offers quality service for good prices.

Finally, pack your things by color-coding
boxes and use careful packaging for a successful transfer to your new home.
Once you’ve done all this, you’ll be ready to move!

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