How to Run an Interior Design Business

Interior Design Business: How to run an interior design business is not as easy as you might think. There are so many elements to carefully consider from a …


21 thoughts on “How to Run an Interior Design Business

  1. It was very informative video
    I am an upholsterer and would like to know how to make a connection with Interiore designers.
    How do you deal with your upholsterer?

  2. Hi Clair!! thank you so much for your videos!! They help me wrap my head around how to start the process. Quick question – is this the program you use? (Link of the Pro below) They have a interior design premier version as well (link at the bottom) it costs significantly more than I can spend at the moment but is it worth it? Do you handle electrical and plumbing changes as well?



    Thank you sooo much for your videos! so glad I found you! 🙂

  3. My wife loves interior designing and so i, and she would love to start a business as an interior designer, and she has been practicing with a page in instagram called Mpiinteriors, id like you to have a look at it and see if you could give us some great advice if the designs are worth for business or should we start off from somewhere. what can you advise? Thanks ..

  4. Hi Claire – great video! I have ordered several paint cards from Benjamin Moore, but I was curious how you obtained yours? Am I missing a more efficient way to obtain more at once? Thanks so much.

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