INTERIOR DESIGN: Bathroom Organization and Decorating Hacks | Making the MOST of our Small Bathroom

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27 thoughts on “INTERIOR DESIGN: Bathroom Organization and Decorating Hacks | Making the MOST of our Small Bathroom

  1. This was exactly what I was looking for! I seriously need to organize my bathroom and this is such good inspo. Also, haven’t read any other comments yet I’m sure people have said, you look EXACTLY like Emma Roberts, like it’s crazy, and you even kinda sound like her! 🧡✌🏼

  2. our bathroom's DISGUSTIINNGG!! there's like brown patterned tiles on the floor and white hatched tiles on the walls and the shower's completely different like someone just plonked it there – i cant even change the shower curtain because it's glass with hatched lines! we live in a rental so there's not much we can do about it. any ideas??

  3. Hi, I just discovered your videos. I’m enjoying them very much!
    Where did you purchase the bathroom floor storage cabinet? Thank you!

  4. I absolutely loveeeee your mirrors beside your bed, there exactly what I'm looking for, was it a DIY project???
    I love your videos and always watch them to the end👍👍👍,
    Your such an inspiration !!!!
    Keep them coming !!!! especially on small spaces as I to have a small apartment here in Australia.

  5. Hey love ur vids but pls mention Why you do things I legit had to leave ur vid to google why the ring and windex is not the first one either like the one where u thanked ur mom for teaching you to hang ur curtains high it wasnt until another vid that it was explained also where did you get the lazy Susan pls

  6. so u have occupied 90% of the toilet storage for your personal stuff, well i would say u hv an adjusting partner. this video was about your makeup , n what about the basic toilet essentials like d toilet paper storage or the toiler cleaner or the toilet brush or sanitry napkeens.

  7. Love your videos and your style. Your bathroom looks great. If I may… I hesitated, but maybe you will appreciate a little tip, something I did at our last rental it transformed the bathroom: remove the existing old broken silicone between your washbasin and the wall and replace it with a new one (they come in a lot of colours, you'd use white). I promise your bathroom will be even better. It is easy, I did it myself. Ask at your DIY store. I also removed the existing silicone around the base of the shower, that seal really had seen better days and made a bathroom that was not that old look pretty tired (I was about to say gross). After replacing the silicone, and giving the tiles a good clean with vinegar, it looked like a newly installed bathroom.

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