Interior Design: How To Style A Condo For Resale

Putting your home on the market? Steal designer Natalie Chong’s top three condo staging tips to make your space appealing to potential buyers. Learn why …


25 thoughts on “Interior Design: How To Style A Condo For Resale

  1. …and where, exactly, are we supposed to store all our 'big' pieces of furniture, all our personal items, and all our pictures? Seems like a logical idea,…but not practical at all!

  2. Great work. I watched several of your videos. Your arrangements are GREAT . Clean, tidy, cheerful. Not overdone yet cheerful and inviting. Thanks.

    My favorite is the "redo" you did for your bro in law, and your rental condo!

    Keep your talent blooming. I want to spiff up my condo too. If you are affordable I will definitely seek your help ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think the point of this video was executed very well and the tips are great, but when she said she hates going into show-homes and wants it to feel like someone actually lives there, it seemed very bizarre and jarring since almost everything in the condo is from ikea! I always find that ikea styling takes me out of the space and less interested, unless it's in an ikea show room for some reason! But maybe that's the point of ikea's showrooms… they're staged to imagine your own home and living there? IDK.

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