Interior Design — How To Warm Up A Modern Home

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Interior Design — How To Warm Up A Modern Home

Designer Shirley Meisels of MHouse brought a 75-year-old home back to life with sleek finishes, a light-filled open-concept floor plan and mid-century modern …


  • glycine max

    This is a modern home, that has a lovely flow, and is warm and inviting. I don't know why people hate the nook. When you don't have any upper cupboards in a kitchen due to numerous windows (who doesn't want natural light), you do need more storage. The nook offers extra seating, and storage both in the kitchen and the living room (win win), and is unusual and quirky like the owner. As for the butt photo, it's kind of sexy which is why it may have been placed over the bed. I would have personally placed it near my elliptical/workout area as an incentive. I loved the entire house. Yes, I would loved to have seen a before and after also but a great project. One of my favourites.

  • Achuchu Bam

    I love the house but the art of a butt made the room cheap.

  • Sabrina Parker

    Their relationship is the best part a side from that awesome dining room.

  • alma g

    so so

  • Rohini Panakal

    Now this is why you hire designers! Love everything but the butt.

  • Lolita Zavala

    Exactly what is a "corky need, corky design, in short, corky?"

  • Gina Reynolds

    It is simply beautiful! I would prefer a huge kitchen with an island and a huge table, rather than a separate dining room. They are rarely ever used and it's just a room setting there alone. ❤

  • Snowfert

    Color of the bedroom accent wall please?

  • Aa Aa

    What’s with the photo, really??

  • Leon Neuton

    Love everything especially the art piece ❤️… not the butt lol, though I can appreciate but the dining room table… It's super exquisite. I would like some information on it please.

  • Airlie Maria Heung

    The nook is genius!

  • Achuchu Bam

    Was excited when i see the title then disappointed while watching it. lol

  • yanniyangq

    My favorite design so far on this channel!

  • ady t

    i liked everything except the bedroom

  • vina nair

    Hello Shirley nothing speaks of contemporary and warmth more than the dining room with its glass base n brass vases! That's an unusual combination along with the wall lights.The paint in the bedroom is an inspiring design in itself.Kudos.Thanks Alison for showcasing your home.Wish you both a Merry Christmas.

  • shannon shan

    Just wow!🤗💕

  • Rita Coleman

    Love It!!!!!

  • ops noo

    رائع great

  • Pod

    why is this video always in my recommendations? ive seen it like three times already.. grrr

  • cirej25

    This one is good!!!!

  • Alison Doak

    Where is entry bench from? I love it!

  • Kelvin Figueira

    Love the layout.

  • P C

    Looks great. Inspiration for decorating up from a black leather sofa.

  • Natasha Lindner

    You two are cute together and I love these spaces. We are building onto an art deco home and whilst I am looking forward to straight walls, draft free, and having sunlight in my rooms – it kind of scares me a little. 'Quirkiness' might be just what I need, and some of décor items already meet that criteria. Thanks ladies xox

  • Fredy Rojas

    People writing nasty comments and they probably live in dumps. This is modern and livable , clean and practical.

  • becomingellis

    I'm a huge fan of honeycomb tile first off…In addition, it is rare that I find so many other similar taste in one house…The unobstructed vies…and drama of the dark paint in the bedroom which I've done in my living room in the past…and the artwork – omg…I especially love the piece on the wall in the entrance….very lively space.

  • cdm

    What dining chair is that?

  • Scott Brown

    The living room is nice. The dining room seems walled off from the rest of the house with no architectural interest — some art would have worked well there.

  • Azurie One

    Shirley Meisels always does a beautiful job on all her clients homes!!!

  • Maggie Leroy

    Love those dining room chairs! Would buy them instantly ! Also those two chairs in the living room look awesome. The nook is a great idea as well.

  • Johanna the Dreamer

    such a cool place!

  • NewFriends&DatingItUp YupYup

    The master is my favorite.

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