Interior Design Initial Consultation – Should You Charge?

Interior Designers & Decorators first meet with clients for an Initial Consultation prior to commencing services. The big question for many is whether or not you …


17 thoughts on “Interior Design Initial Consultation – Should You Charge?

  1. I totally agree about charging for the consult unless you are unsure if it is a project that you can take on. As designers, we forget that clients are paying us for what is inside our heads too. If it was inside theirs, they wouldn't be looking for help! Thanks for the video.

  2. Yes consultations/estimates/billable time, we charge on the fly and it's on retainer booking. It automatically defines who is serious, who's not. If factors who understands the fact we have to go out, DO WORK and leave and still have more work when we leave. It defines who will have problems on the spot vs who is going to not have issues paying when you ask for future payment on projects. Yes, we charge $45 estimates all day long. It separates who's trying to be cheap and feel you out/price shopping vs who is really wanting the service. We do discount it at the end of the project and clients like that although it's small, they see the ending dollar will be lower regardless. Never had issues with this and we feel it helps factors if we are about to have our time wasted or not too. I say charge for it. Raises your standards

  3. great info. I just spent an hour at someones house for a complimentary consultation and gave a lot of great ideas and feel a little taken advantage of. I am just starting out and this video gave some great insight about how not to be there again! THANKS!

  4. Just purchased your videos of LOA, etc.  I've been in business 28 years and always making sure I am doing the 'right' thing.. Always learning!!!  AND yes, I do charge for the initial consult… and no credit back unless it is a Hunter Douglas initial appointment… I tell them the fee is for my time and if you purchase from me, I will credit the initial fee.Love your videos!!!

  5. Hi Claire, I have tons of experience in the architectural/design field but knowing that some designers will charge even for the emails they send out makes me think that maybe it is better to charge per project? That way you can charge more or less depending on the capability of your client? I've never felt confident charging. Please, advice.

  6. Great tips! I had an experience wherein I've already invested too much time on a client, and was able to give the client much consultation. Did a couple of meetings and site visits already (all for free, thinking the project will push through). In the end, the client did not push through with the project. ALWAYS VALUE YOUR TIME AND EXPERTISE. I took that as a lesson and learned from it. It's okay to make mistakes, esp when you are just starting. Don't be afraid to keep on trying out new things. Just make sure you learn from it. 👍

  7. Hello There! I'm an Interior Designer as well but have not started my business yet because I'm not sure on how to charge for my services as well as consultations. I've been wanting to be a part of this industry for a mighty long time now and even with me being certified, I just want to make sure that I don't under charge but also not to over charge for my services. So what would be a good price to start for a consultation as well as services? Please help?

  8. Thanks for the video. I will take your advise, we design and prepare construction plans for homes and I have been charging for initial visits only about half of the time. I do notice the better part of my clients were more than happy to pay for me to come out and meet with them. Thanks again. RL

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