Interior Design Sketch Tutorial

Learn how to create an interior design sketch Assets Used Photopacks // Photoshop brushes – Buy this PSD …


43 thoughts on “Interior Design Sketch Tutorial

  1. hi , interesting video🙂, may i know what kind of lineweight that you used in autocad floor plan for furniture, door, window, flooring and decoration, hope to hear from you soon, thanks🙂

  2. Pedro have a look again under the fireplace. The reflection of the guy looking outside needs some trimming around his feet (not to mention that he should be slightly taller). Other than that it's another truly mesmerizing piece of work!

  3. And than client says: i need more light on the floor, plase show more the back ot fireplace and change the angle of shadow…. And You are like awww 😉 but beautifull as an art piece

  4. Thanks a lot sir .. your tutos are always very instructive .. and motivating .. with some kind liberty of expression .. not complexe with all that difficulte tech .. its only a matter of eye perspective and how to make more convenient.. we appreciate that you are sharing your artistic knowledge with us .. Thanks for the effort ..and God bless you..^^


    Im making my Architecture Portfolio for my Master application at the moment and practise a lot with inside and outside mapping. It would be gr8 if you can give some hints and suggestions to some "Renderings". For example my and other subscribers.

  6. Wow, thanks for sharing your amazing abilities. Nowadays I'm an architecture student and I'm always looking for new referents, tutorials…whatever that gives me inspiration and knowledge. I'm gonna watch your videos, quite sure that I'll learn a lot.

  7. it is amazing! Just Wowww! But i m really doubt that, is there just two main skills shows in the Tutorial, Brush and Mask? The Video runs to much fast, that i can not good understand. Is there someone, who can explain me more about the Skills in the video?

  8. I love all your works , your tuts are a gem , I just don't have the words to say how awesome they are, at first I thought that your very good acrh-viz , but as time has gone on ,your process and workflow is very good for film makers , illustrators etc.The process and workflow you present can be used for matte painting , story board , illustration ,Mood boards,lighting, you can convey an idea or a message just like that , I mean they have so many benefits.Thank you for sharing.Cheers.

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