Interior Design — This $50M New York Show House Will Take Your Breath Away!

Lynda Reeves takes you inside the Kips Bay Decorator Show House in New York City — that’s worth a cool $50M — where 21 top American and Canadian …


27 thoughts on “Interior Design — This $50M New York Show House Will Take Your Breath Away!

  1. The house (usually a property that is up for sale) is loaned for the exhibit. Top designers each get a room to decorate, and the labor is mostly done for free or at the designer's expense. The furniture and art is on loan as well. There is an admission price which goes to "Kips Bay," and wealthy people come to the house and make huge donations to the organisation, while interior decorators, antique dealers, art dealers, craftsman, etc., get to advertise their wares for future clients. After the exhibit, everything is taken down, and the furniture is returned to their respective shops. Everyone wins. BTW, Each year, they do the show in a different empty house.

  2. Love the lighting however granite art is not in my taste. I’m very practice and sensible. Your contemporary take is Gowdy for me except for the dining and kitchen, roof top you get what I mean white rooms gorgeous.

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