Interior Design — Tips & Tricks For Decorating A Small Studio Apartment

Where there aren’t rooms, fake them! On, Joel Bray proves that a small bachelor apartment can be divided up into functional …


29 thoughts on “Interior Design — Tips & Tricks For Decorating A Small Studio Apartment

  1. Maybe the owner deliberately does not want to keep the TV at the center? Maybe he/she makes minimal use of it? Otherwise, the arrangement on the dresser is one of those artistically done set ups, but not exactly efficiently functional. Personally, I would not want to have all of those stuff competing for my sight in the moments I am watching my fav show or movie.

  2. Everyone is talking about that the room has too much stuff. But the point is basic furnishings. You can put or eliminate any stuff yourself! That room is just a model house and one example in a million.

  3. I want to move to California but I barely have a budget. I'm getting a studio but have no idea how to make it not look like a cardboard box but I don't want to put too much into it because I want to move to a 1 bedroom after a while.

  4. I really love this space, but this is the way I decorate. I know it's not a lot of people's style, but I love a lot of things that have meaning to me. That's what makes me feel at home.

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