Interior Design with Blender

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Interior Design with Blender

This video shows new features for Blender that will help you develop interior architectural renderings. Here is a video explaining more information on this …


  • Avis david

    where to find ready made windows, doors, etc in blender 2.76

  • Nik Rogers

    I suppose you developed this yourself Ive only seen the regular archipack which does not really work ,certainly not for me , so is this available anywhere. Let me know

  • Danica Younghusband

    I would love these tools! Very useful, especially for a graduate that can't afford the software they were trained on!

  • artist teju jangid

    How to use this feature in blender . Because I don't see this type of in blender

  • bhargav villuri

    what is the version of this blender???

  • mani BTC

    pls send me link of this app

  • JZA

    Are those components included on Blender or did you have to download from somewhere else?

  • Anjelo Baruelo

    What version of Blender did you use here?

  • Papaya Cafe

    thanks. v informative

  • yurart

    how to use these "interior design" Blender features? Where can I find them? I don't have them in my blender. Some time ago I downloaded a special Blender version for interior design but i can't remember what it was called.

  • Sam Williams

    fuck you. this isnt blender.
    its another software

  • Guitar Universe

    where we can find these objecsts cabinet ,window lights and other things ?

  • Jak stworzyć stronę internetową?

    It's amazing! Such a great work! Thank You very much!


    I see that Blender do some splendid work with interiors, as I'm used to create thses 3D Envirenmrents by Photshop and I'll jump ahead with Blender, thanks to you.
    I've a question, Can I insert the Evermotion Archmodels to the Blender Work project ? (as their models are available in .OBJ or .Max formats)

  • Peter Dhaniram

    can i get a windows link to download the installer or tools for the interior designing

  • ghostpro007

    this is some different layout you using in blender?

  • Lasitha Randunu

    hi, can i do a small animation on the scene that i create on fluid designer? such as the ceiling fan is rotating and a rocket flyer flies through the design and the camera also moves behind it. i'm very new to this subject and please help me

  • Kartikey Middha

    which version of blender are you using ?

  • Jake House

    I was wrong. There is enough cool stuff for free! You need to select the setup project when you open the program!!!! You may have to check the add ons in the preferences. Libraries!!!!

  • Jake House

    stay in the spirit of blender and make all the cool stuff free! lol Thanks though. Going to check out the freeme and see if anything is useful for my needs. Awesome stuff here. I know. Dev's gotta eat. 🙂

  • Omenai Emmanuel

    Wow! This is amazing
    How do I get d tools u used?

  • varma tirumalasetty

    i can't find wall tool in my blender…where is the Add object button in blender 2.76..can you explain me in some brief

  • Unknown Byte

    Genius, you're a genius! This will be very useful for the video game I want to make. ^_^ Thanks!

  • Derek Dietrich

    How do you use the drop tool? I've never seen this in Blender before. I want to work on some interior design myself and I think this tool would be useful.

  • ErfinPlay

    Thank you very match!

  • Craftman Seven Eighty

    That looks so real! Absolutely fabulous!

  • SoMuChFuN

    this is not addon is completely software with blender built in and available for free 

  • Warren Wheeler

    This is amazing! I'm very interested!

  • budiemanhakim

    Is it really blender? what is it? an addon?

  • ari adrianto

    I hope there would be for Linux version too… 

  • ulil huda

    susah perhatiin video blander kecepatan jd susah di pahami

  • Andrey Didencool

    great idea.

  • Vincent Lui

    blender compared to  3ds max ,which is better for interior design ?

  • M Madigan

    Lee Posey is right about Microvellum. They're a software designer for the cabinet/architectural millwork industry. Their Toolbox application is an add on to Autocad that allows shops to draw products with manufacturing data like G-code incorporated. Extremely powerful software and this looks like it could be just as powerful. Well done Mr. Peel.

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