Leading Luxury Real Estate Developments in Ghana

In this infomercial, the CEO of Wonda World Estates, Nana Kwame Bediako speaks on the various Development projects by the company.


42 thoughts on “Leading Luxury Real Estate Developments in Ghana

  1. In S.Florida you must have an elevator with 3 floors, just a thought for older people who does not want to climb 3 floors & added luxury & convenience 😉. Rooftop decks are a nice touch as well. Love your designs & ideas, please keep creating distinct looks you can only find there!!!

  2. Notice these mofos didn’t mention reaching out to african American investors. So much for pan africanism. Wake up ADOS, fight for the future of your kids. Ditch the pan african dream. It’s one sided and not reciprocated FACTS

  3. I'm 19years with big dreams,and also wants to become my own boss, I love buildings.
    I've always thought it's impossible to achieve my dreams in Ghana but Nana Kwame Bediako has proved to me that it's possible.
    I have a question I wish to ask him…Must one take a course in Economics,Acconting or any business related courses for him to make it life?

  4. Last 2 weeks i am watching this incridible Young man very motiver and inspire
    He gave me a very usefull idea which is réal state developmemnt although hé is rich but i am sure hé started this project 1 Day
    And anyone else can do so To improve africq

  5. Utterly amazing and inspirational…I look forward to seeing the establishment of the use of sustainable energy creation and use in some of this portfolio of developments. Very well done.

    So far be it for me to say, but perhaps consider how you could be at the leading edge of energy sustainability in West Africa. This strategy only makes sense as older industrialised countries are moving away from reliance on fossil fuels and they are doing this by looking at novel technologies to replace this requirement and this is likely to happen in our life times: e.g. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-48122911

    Consider harnessing the freely available sunlight that Ghana is blessed with to generate sustainable energy requirements of your city. Perhaps the name of the city is actually Solar City? A development of this nature may attract greater inward investment?

  6. There are those who don’t believe in Africa. They say Africans can not do it, it isn’t in their DNA 🧬 should look at it! The west whose interest is to steal from us wants the black men and women to believe that foolishness! Give any wiser man a chance and he will prove you wrong! Just look at this young man!

  7. Where are the roads to these beautiful developments? Are u using African architecture's at all for ur good projects? Because to my understanding u are having a crocodiles as pet n sooner or later the crocodiles will grow up to have u for dinner, the European's n Spanish contractor's their ancestors were involved in enslaving Africans they will turned around to invade the country i don't trust them bro because of their past records. It seems u are only creating good jobs to slave masters children while the slave's are the people who built the western world n Arab countries , well i guess the slave's are on retirement .

  8. More big projects more hardships for 99 percent of the poor citizens. I leave on Canada 🇨🇦 same happened when rich Chinese started buying homes for any amount of money Canadian homes prices keep skyrocketing, is good to develop but as a matter of fact is not going to help the citizens of that country , your doing this for international not a citizen of that country or that area. Good job for your business and business mind. Wish you all the best.

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