Master Lease Agreement for Commercial Real Estate The Master Lease Agreement for Commercial Real Estate is a powerful, profitable and flexible way to structure deals, especially for the individual investors.


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  1. . You're an excellent teacher. I have my eyes on a mobile home park with a hundred spaces but only has 18 mobile homes on it currently owned by the tenants. All utilities are put in and everything is ready to go pads, roads, sewers all sound. I was thinking do a master lease option buy some mobile homes and sell the mobile homes on financing. Do you think this would work? Some people on BiggerPockets said it's dangerous. My only problem is he probably only has $37,000 net at a seven cap = 540k and he's asking $890,000 what would you do? Adding five homes to the property a $300 lot rent would make the property worth 828k. What would the lease payment be?

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  3. Hi Peter, great series! I've watched several videos this weekend. I even ordered your book. Thanks for providing the e-book for FREE! You've provided the mind shift I needed to move forward in real estate. I'm a creative person, I've never been exposed to alternative options to owning homes and property. I have the confidence now, I will own commercial real estate. I read through the comments and I saw several individuals ask for your master lease agreement, this was my same question. I can only assume you do not distribute it freely. I will do a search and use some resources to see if I can get my hands on one to get a greater understanding of how to begin to structure one. It truly does require a lot of knowledge about the property, loan, and owner to be able to present something favorable for both parties. I will continue to watch CPA videos. Thank you! This information gave me motivation! Good luck with starting your school for disadvantage youth. I wish, I received more information about finances, investing, and real estate growing up. Now, I must pay it forward.

  4. Can I sign a master lease on a property with someone else when I have a master lease agreement on the property with the original owner as long as the MLA that I have structured has a time frame less than the one that I signed?

  5. I have a question, at lease a significant percentage of these properties are listed with a real estate agent, even though this is not technically a sale how are the broker commissions handled?

  6. This is my favorite youtube channel. So helpful! I do wonder about the specifics of the master lease and how it all comes together. I would love to see a financial case study with purchase price, terms, monthly payment, down payment (if any) and ultimate outcome.

  7. Hi Peter, how do I ask a seller if he/she would be interested in doing a creative deal? More specifically, a master lease. I want to sound credible and also want to come across like I also have their best interests in mind. I want to create a win win type deal.

  8. Why would the owner do this without a credit check? That same owner wouldn't let a tenant rent a unit without a credit check why would he give up the whole building without a credit check? I know I wouldn't do that without a credit check Would you sell your bulding without a crdit check?

  9. I'm looking to move my business into a permanent location. Getting a bank loan won't be too hard since the mortgage payment will actually be less than what I'm paying in rent now. However, the Master Lease Agreement seems like a better idea since it won't have much impact on my cash flow. I can keep growing the business without wasting so much on a down payment. This video is a real eye opener! Thank you!

  10. Hello Peter, great video and thank you. How do you manage the Master Lease if the seller have other loans on the property that he is paying and he wants to get rid of them? Thank you.

  11. hi Peter! I'm a big fan and want to say thank you for the great information that you provide here.
    I have a question that i hope you can help me with. What's the best way to make 1'st contact with an owner of a multifamily that couldn't sell his property for 3 years and lowered the price by almost 20% within that peroid. A little more background: the property is in Manhattan and the owners phone can't be found because it's behind an LLC. and lastly what approach you recommend. Thanks and all best in your endeavors

  12. What if the current owner paid way more for the property than it is worth today. How can I afford to pay him enough in lease payments to both satisfy his mortgage payments AND have room to make money for myself?

  13. Good morning Mr Harris. Thank you for the information that you've presented. I know that it is relative to commercial properties but I have to ask– is the master lease agreement concept transferable to home buying? I only ask because I am currently renting my house and I would like to finance it in a creative fashion. Many thanks -Ali

  14. Hey Peter can you do a master lease on a business say a franchise that a owner wants to sell the franchise and you want a pit a master lease on it is this possible??

  15. Sir, I think that this series is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this information. I have been a student of the academics of business as both a technology entrepreneur and as a record producer. I have been to business school and I am a heavy reader . This is the most honest, direct and transformative presentation EVER . Thank you.

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