REAL ESTATE : Commercial Property Vs. Residential Property

Watch : Must know differences before buying a Residential Property or Commercial Property by India’s First Real Estate Coach, B M Pounacha. To know more, Watch : To Get All Your Financial Queries Answered, Just leave a Missed Call on, #02261816111 – or – Just post a request on […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wholesaling Commercial Real Estate With No Cash or Credit

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Apartment Complexes, NNN Leases, and Commercial Real Estate with Joel Owens | BP Podcast 047 How do you like the idea of making double digit returns while not needing to lift a finger with your investments? If so – this is the show for you. On this 47th episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down with commercial real estate investor and broker Joel […]

What is a commercial real estate agent and how to become a commercial real estate agent

Try my business apps for more business help. In this tutorial, Christopher Stafford explains what is a commercial real estate agent, and some of the pros and cons of being a commercial real estate agent. In this video I ask Chris how to become a commercial real estate agent, […]

How To Flip Commercial Real Estate Properties in DC, Maryland, & Virginia

In this segment of “10 Minute Real Estate” real estate mentor and coach Sherman Ragland answers the question of how to flip commercial real estate in the Greater Washington DC area. To hear the entire presentation click this link 👉 Learn more on how to get started in Commercial […]

Cold Call Prospecting Secrets – Commercial Real Estate Training online

Cold calling can be a real challenge for many commercial real estate brokers and agents. Get our cold call system for commercial real estate brokerage here Most will not do the process on a daily basis and many will struggle with outcomes. Here are some cold calling tips to […]