Real Estate in Dubai

Grant Cardone takes a moment from shopping real estate in Dubai to talk about Cardone capital, passive income, importance of cash flow, appreciation, …



  • Hey everyone It's Jeb Carty, My friend Mike Nappi and I have actually made a 10x theme song for Grant Cardone. You can check out the preview in my vlog here until the official release drops. @

  • Dubai is amazing! Middle eastern paradise! 😊👍

  • do you have to be a us citizen to get in on your real estate deals Grant? and do you accept cryptos?

  • Whatchya gonna do, brother,….

    . …When these $26 million pythons come to buy your property…..?


  • Can I have 10x money? I will pay you 20x in 10 Yrs 🤑

  • Legendary Uncle 1️⃣0️⃣❌

  • i literally see everyone wearing there mind control air pods. It doesnt get more mainstream than air pods.

  • Grant will you guys end up building an app in the future?

  • Unc.. so glad your on this trip in the jet with the family. Get that helicopter from the top of the Burge back to your jet. Your my inspiration my man.

  • Dollar cost averaging or Value averaging Tell Mr. Warren Buffet it doesn't create wealth .

  • My dog is working!! A train is that gym and love it grant! My true mentor

  • I'm already invested in Cardone Capital boss man, hustling to get some more in to secure passive income that exceeds my regular income. Thanks for all you do.

  • What's up with the Dew Rag Tupac? Lol

  • Dude, sounds good but you should be on the weights ..

  • I think real estate is a potentially great investment vehicle. Watch the mini-series
    “Ozarks”. You should be able to find it On Demand. It’s a real eye opener, and shows a vulnerability you should be aware of.

  • The year 2009 was a watershed in the history of Dubai, a major tourist destination, financial center, and logistical hub of the Middle East, when its debt-financed economic boom blew-up in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. The damage was contained with the intervention of the government of neighboring Abu Dhabi emirate which bailed out the government of Dubai and the business enterprises owned by its ruling family which were engaged in high-stakes capacity-building financed with debt.

    Ten years on, Dubai has not been able to fully recover from that episode as it gears up for a second roll-over of the support package. More importantly, with an economic recession lurking on the horizon in the next few years, Dubai remains vulnerable to a financial shock due to its high leverage and cyclical economy.

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