Romantic Bedroom Makeover | Interior Design | Fix It Fridays #2

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  • Oh my gosh..that is my has a window on one side but not the other, we have sliders that exit to pool/backyard…I was struggling to come up with how to fix my bedroom….wow, amazing, cover the dumb lone window!! You are a freaking genius!!! I am going to talk to hubby and try to do this ourselves. I have to remove the popcorn ceiling first, ugh!!! I already removed the popcorn from the living, dining, and hall…just have bedrooms to do…such a pain in the butt!!

  • You make it look so effortless. Until I watch some other designers and see how hard it is.

  • omg this was a tough job only you could accomplish.. id get intimidated

  • Very classy design…as expected. Great colour choices too.

  • I wanted to see the ceiling
    This is so explaining more babies on the way

  • So elegant, love your concept always.

  • You ideas are so inspiring! Love your work!

  • saaaaaaaaaaaaaaweetttttttttt tht kicked butt !!!!!! fantasstic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No, Why are you SO damn Cute? You said something like They are not going to give me a new window, I am not going to let them to have the old window. But I learned the principle by watching your video. You make things balanced. Secret number 1.

  • You are beautiful, always. The rooms you create are beautiful, always. But, the reason I watch you is because your delightful expressions and sense of humor always makes me laugh out loud and that's what the world needs, more simple joys and shared laughter! God bless you for sharing all your extraordinary talent with us!

  • Well… I would have lied to see the rest of the room.

    Oh I bet you do…

  • How did you remove/block the window?

  • “I bet you do” 😂😂😂🙌🏼❤️

  • I just love your designs , and you and your fashion sense

  • Still great; that’s how the best design works! I would like to know the process of how you covered the window and dealt with the likelihood of mold developing inside from condensation with no ability to evaporate. Can you tell I’ve run into this particular issue before? Thanks! PS- showing us the mechanism for hanging the mirror pieces would be helpful too, or is that one of the processes taught in your design sessions?

  • Looks fantastic! Totally stands the test of time! Love the upholstered wall and the lights behind them that's genius! Great idea to move the bed‼️ Those 2 didn't look the age to be having such youngsters. Rebecca's right, seems like they might need sprayed down with a hose or something lol🤣.

  • This is my first time viewing the video and I am amazed as to what you created. Your second to none. The room was Fabulous and is fabulous and always be fabulous.

  • The bedroom is fantastic and it looks like it was designed today! You cease to amaze me lady! You big fan from South Carolina, Nancy

  • It looks nice but way too much brown.

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