Three things to never say to Interior Design clients

Interior Designers & Decorators sometimes say things that we don’t need to highlight to the client about a project. In this video I go over three things that you …


16 thoughts on “Three things to never say to Interior Design clients

  1. I made the mistake of saying oh you know we should bring the outside in… I never got that call back they must have just done it themselves🤣🤣🤣 don't give away any ideas 🙏🤣

  2. Great video Claire…you always make me laugh!   It's a bit of a fine line I guess…you want to offer helpful advice but don't want to comment negatively on something they really love!   Good listening and paying attention to those cues people give helps a lot I find .

  3. Great advice Claire! I have a good one. You walk into a prospective client's home and make a crass comment about their pepto bismol pink walls, only to find out that they JUST painted them. (and love the color) oops. I know that I made this mistake once and from then on ask the clients what must go and what needs to stay.

    That allows them to open up a dialog about the fact that they bought the home despite the pukey wall color and can't wait to change it!

    Or, if they aren't very forthcoming, I might say something like. "These walls look freshly painted, did you do that or was it the previous owner." And then I hold my breath hoping for them to say, "heavens NO! We can't wait to change the wall color!" OR, yes, we did this. What a mistake! That's why we knew that we needed to bring in a pro!

  4. Very good, Claire! Great advice – I agree most problems and awkward moments arise when we just plain talk too much! (Love the bloopers too – you're so cute 🙂 – speaking of Bloopers; a typo in the title "Desgin" )

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