Top 3 Reasons Why People Quit Real Estate

Discover the top 3 reasons why people quit real estate. You’ll probably be surprised by two of them. You’ll also learn an important truth about real estate, which …


29 thoughts on “Top 3 Reasons Why People Quit Real Estate

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  2. You deliver every time, Phil. I truely love your content, because there is entertainment mixed with psychology, philosophy and storytelling. Thank you sooo much for your generous way to share your wisdomπŸ˜πŸ˜€

  3. if you have $0. You should have multiple incomes. E.g work at a different place and have a youtube channel or something along those lines. I may be incorrect I am just a teenager who is nowhere near as smart as a realtor or broker but thats just my advice seems a bit realistic to me all goes down to preference

  4. I left due to the stress and the 08 crash. I was tired of carrying my rental units. They were in a bad areas that was in a revival zone. Then the crash hit and prices reset. I bought them cheap and now they were worth 1/2 if what I bought them for. I was just throwing good money at bad property. I walked. Turned out to be the best decision. Nothing happened to me personally and I have a pile of cash. Don’t know if I’ll ever go back. If I do, I’d just flip. Never a slumlord again.

  5. Being a real estate agent is extremely tough! It's definitely not a career for the faint of heart. Just realize you will be yelled at, cursed at, lied to and hung up on- and that's just from other agents. LOL

  6. This is why I believe one should take their time when beginning this venture. So, while learning remember to take some time to understand the concepts we;re learning and as we put them into practice we will succeed. Oh, and by the way there's a book entitled "Acres of Diamonds" and you probably know this one also – where right in one's own backyard, literally there are acres of diamonds!

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