Uruguay becomes top destination for investment opportunity in real estate

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Uruguay becomes top destination for investment opportunity in real estate


Political, social and economic stability made the Uruguay a destination chosen by foreigners who are looking to establish themselves in Latin America. In the first quarter of 2019, Uruguay received a foreign investment of 360 million dollars. Uruguay is opening its arms to foreign investors giving them benefits to live and invest, such as free-trade zones and the chance of not paying taxes in the country. Moreover, the prestigious Legatum Prosperity and Mercer indexes name Uruguay as the best country to live in the region. These indicators solidify the need for desirable residential real estate developments, such as Las Cárcavas.


“We chose to develop Las Cárcavas in
Uruguay for different reasons. Among them, that we were offering a luxurious
lifestyle in the middle of pure nature, so the setting had to be a safe
one. Uruguay is one of the three safest countries in Latin America,” said
Gaston Marquevich, CEO of Optimum Capital Partners, developers of Las Cárcavas.

Las Cárcavas is located on the Rocha coast, in Garzon, minutes
away from Jose Ignacio – known as the Saint Tropez of the south. Its name comes from the particular
geography of the area, where the natural gullies are formed by nearby streams. It features 24 ranches and space for
16 bungalows distributed in over 21 acres that are within a biosphere reserve,
declared by UNESCO. The development offers access to 820 feet of exclusive beach
coast where the sea is warm, thanks to tropical currents that flow from Brazil.
Luxury onsite amenities include a pool, a beach club facing a natural
lake, a natural grass tennis court, a grill and a stove area.

Las Cárcavas was designed by the renowned Brazilian architect
Isay Weinfeld and its
parks were designed by the English designer John Brookes. Buildings are
sustainable and made with local materials to support its focus on the local

Key drivers for foreign investment include:

Uruguay offers immediate residency with an investment of
only 1 million dollars. The new government is studying the possibility of
making the rules even more flexible for foreigners.

offers a tax holiday for foreigners; wherein foreign residents are exempt of
income tax payment for the first six years.

The cost-benefit equation
of purchasing land in Uruguay is
one of the best in the world.

“Las Cárcavas offers buyers the unique opportunity to
acquire a large extension of land at an affordable price. The cost of the land
in Uruguay is way below the world average, and that allows us to offer very
high-quality at a good price,” added Marquevich.

Las Cárcavas offers absolute comfort, including 24-hour
services. It is specifically designed for  those who are looking to disconnect in nature,
while a few minutes away from the most international beach in Latin America.

Las Cárcavas

Las Cárcavas is a luxury real estate development in the coast of Rocha, situated at the kilometer 204,5 of the route 10, in Garzón, Uruguay. It consists of 1273 acres divided into 24 ranches of 2.5 acres each and 16 bungalows 16000 square feet each. The cost of the ranches goes from $580,000 to $3 million dollars. Each bungalow is valued at $1 million and are sold fully finished.

Optimum Capital Partners are the owners of the land and
developers of Las Cárcavas. The whole project was designed by Isay Weinfeld.

For more information visit: www.LasCarcavas.com

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