Commercial Property Manager Lease Management – Commercial Real Estate Training online Lease management is a very important part of commercial property management. In this video I cover the factors of critical dates in leases and the filing systems that apply to separate leases in a tenant mix or investment property. This is a commercial real estate training program by John […]

How to Transition from Residential to Commercial Real Estate Investing w/Greg Dickerson

A lot of agents are comfortable staying in the single-family sector, but a significant number want to grow out of that and don’t know how to. How can we scale our business? How can we manage numerous projects effectively? Should we be focusing our efforts on one area? In this […]

Commercial Real Estate Training and Coaching–Prospecting 4 When you’re doing your commercial real estate agent prospecting, your most important immediate goal is to get the decision maker interested in having a conversation with you. During this video I tell you what to say to the decision maker to maximize the chances that they’ll want to invite […]