5 EPIC Shots for Real Estate Drone Videos

See the full blog post here: http://retipster.com/real-estate-drone-shots Buying a drone is a BIG first step, but if you really want to unleash the raw power of drone …



  • Thank you. What kind of software do you use to edit?

  • very good content. high density and on point. Thanks for the work. One tiny suggestion. Never use the word "guys" as in "hi guys" thanks guys". Its a verbal crutch like "um". Edit it out, don't use it in the first place, what ever. You will come off a level above people who can't let it go.

  • I like how you break it down, man! Good info here, I use a lot of the same techniques.

  • Thanks for this !

    You might want to add a simple s curve on your shots have them pop a bit !

  • Very helpful thank you. I'm waiting for my drone to come in the mail as I type.

  • Absolutely fantastic shots. Can't wait to try these next time. 👍

  • I recommend learning to do everything in manual mode instead of relying on intelligent flight modes. You will be a much better pilot doing it yourself.

  • Great tips. Trying to get into the real estate drone video market. Subbed you.

  • 👏 dang! awesome. imma save this on a special playlist…Keep it up dude and God bless you🙏

  • I will have to share this with every drone hire here on out! Thanks Seth.

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