Hey Guys!! So finally another Episode of #BOHNAFIDE is going live! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated you on progress with my homes renovation, so I’m …



  • I can't explain how much I like these videos. I discovered your channel last week, and I'm not an interior designer but I like the process of what you do. Excellent channel!

  • OMG! ! I love interior design and thanks so much for sharing your amazing videos and I've been crazy about interior but very sad it's not that I pursued but you make me think a lot. Thanks again .lol I'm watching whole series

  • Her employees sound like her when they speak. Gees, even I'm sounding like Karin. I think that happens when you get inspired by someone. lol #futurefashiondesigner #entrepeneur

  • Totally unrelated but I work in advertising and this felt so much like a first internal review with a Creative Director. Your apprentice did such a great job, I know it because you didn't throw away 70% of her moodboard or her copy… sometimes you walk back to your desk with tattered hopes and dreams from a review. She was also doing a pt on camera, dear lawd! I like how you explained what you didn't like in a precise but caring manner. It was a bit nerve racking to watch for me but oh so fulfilling.

  • i work at an architecture office at the interior design process and it's a lot of work!!! hahah

  • I LOVE what you are doing here!!! Finally some quality content. No less a woman we younger women can look up to. Thank YOU

  • Love how you are associating a word list to your concept. Chic came to mind before you mentioned it (excited to know I'm reading your thoughts). Classic and timeless are ones that resonate with me as well. Great job team…this home will be a true gem!

  • thanks for sharing your time and knowledge . you are educating people and motivating each one out here.

  • Hello Karin, am Kevins from Kenya and an Interior designer as well, I love the clips they inspire in the designing of space. I would like to keep in touch with to learn more and even get to be advised at times, so how can I get to interact with you more easily? Is it possible?

  • thanks for your video it's really helpful for me

  • Do you really need a building permit for interior reconstruction in Vancouver? Or is it because the structural engineer will be involved in that loadbearing wall?

  • It got better in the second part of the video, what software are you using producing your drawings and 3D models

  • If feels more like language exercise than actual interior design

  • Soo cool! A LOT OF THINGS TO LEARN. And i'm saying this being a photographer, also passionate about capturing architecture and interiour design 😀

  • Hello , I love your videos! Can you please give us some tips on organizing simples to bring to clients?

  • Backround: Im from South Africa currently doing my masters in Architecture…I find it interesting how diff youll idea of design is to ours also the difference in terminology. We do snag lists after a building has been built as the list of mistakes a contractor has made and has to be redone or work which is not done to our satisfaction and has to be redone. Also you need to find a new structural engineer if he could not figure out how to replace a load bearing wall with a column and beam system since its common sense.

  • Very nice series. I looks like I am hooked, watching 4 episodes in a row and learning quite some thinks along the way.

  • that denim blouse is gorgeous!!!

  • Mrs. Bohn, you and your team are beautiful human beings and you just got my subscription 🙏🏾 May you grow to stratosphere ma’am, thank you 😊

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