Forming an LLC for Real Estate Investing

In this video, real estate asset protection attorney Clint Coons covers the basics when it comes to setting up a limited liability company for real estate investing.



  • how do you get funding or apply for mortgage when you are not the owner or appear as in charge…?

  • What if i already have a virginia LLC? Can i create a Wyoming LLC after and place my virginia llc under it amd get the same outcome??

  • This is pure gold. Thank you. I was planning on setting up my LLC this week, and now I will be going about it completely different after watching this.

  • Six years later, I wonder how much of this information is still valid? Great info though!

  • Can any llc buy property? Say a cleaning business llc? Or does it have to be real estate llc business?

  • so in MI I could create an LLC for my properties, then create a Wyoming LLC, I always thought people used Delaware but Wyoming in the case of Real Estate?

  • But in a state like Illinois don’t you run into the same issue where you’ll have to pay foreign taxes on both the wyoming and illinois llc’s. Basically what i’m saying is this won’t work in a state like Illinois correct?

  • This is the single best piece of information I've ever obtained about structuring an LLC for real estate investing. Thank you doesn't come close to the gratitude I have for this information.

  • why not file a UCC 1 for your LLC or the property

  • What about limited life? Wyoming LLC dissolves when you die

  • Your other video on the same topic was more informative

  • What if you’re buying Real Estate globally?

  • Truly appreciate the knowledge. Indefinitely learn that it is nkt just about creating an LLC and thinking you are good.

  • What about if someone is only "Wholesaling" houses, whereby the contract is assigned to a buyer for a fee?

  • How should the Wyoming LLC be taxed, S Corp or C Corp? Also how should the LLC in your home state be taxed, disregarded?

  • I just got off the phone with an accountant who specializes in real estate and she said that if I were to set up an LLC in Texas, my name had to go on it. Am I missing something?

  • Lets say i have 4 LLCs already in Georgia: Question 1 – Can I make a nevada LLC then have them sheltered there? Q2 – Am I understanding you correct, in this video I will only be paying taxes/recievieng income from ONE LLC (that being Nevada)?
    Thank you for all your videos, pretty solid info.

  • Is Real Estate the only tyype of LLC you can do this with? Otherwise very informative video.

  • could I use a Texas series Llc as binefitary under a separate trust in Florida to hold different properties in separate cell?

  • do you have a similar structure if you are residing in California to avoid paying LLC feed in California?

  • Do you get an EIN from the IRS for the land trust?

  • Do you have a legal structure that allows for the use of funds in your IRA to invest in real estate and apply sweat equity to the project without incurring a prohibited transaction or prohibited person? Thanks

  • Hi Clint. Why not have one LLC in your own state and take title to all your properties in Land Trusts, seeing that the beneficiary of each trust is not known in public record?

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