How to Buy Your First Multi Family Small Apartment Building Discover how to buy your first multi family small apartment building, step by step. Don’t get caught up in the “bigger is better” mentality. Instead, you’ll find that the smaller deals can be the most profitable. This is a great video for anyone interested is getting started with Commercial Real Estate investing.



  • Thanks for the content! I hope to get that book!

  • I’ve been looking all over YouTube for a great broken down video on this topic… Your video is my favorite. I’ll be checking out others and buying info that you sell as well. I love your teaching style…

  • Peter, thanks for the video. My wife and I are both high income earners with about $400k liquid capital to invest. We are currently looking for a 8~20 unit building around the $1M range. I was discouraged by what I was finding on LoopNet. Having done the math to determine the actual NOI, I was not able to find a property that the bank was willing to finance. You're suggestion to start calling and building the relationships with the agents is a piece that I was missing. Sure it sounds obvious once you hear someone say it, but honestly, I did not know agents shop the sale that much prior to posting the listing.

    Also, when starting a mail campaign, where do you get the leads list from? Is there a place you can go that shows searches for multifamily buildings that are not currently listed?

  • I love this teaching, it really tells a lot

  • Your handwringing sir, is a goal!

  • I love to rent my first apartment with my low income

  • Dont you have to put 25% down on commercial real estate? That is rough.

  • Is this guy still around these days???

  • I own a fourplex here in the East Coast. Warwick Rhode Island 02888. My Insurance considers it a Commercial property. I even have to pay Waste Management for my trash removal every other week because the city only does trash removal for 3 family or less…🤔 But, As I'm trying to do a cash out refi. They are going by market value in the area and last sold property thats similar..Im so Confused

  • Why would you raise rent 100 a month????

  • You standed in front of the board. Nobody can view or read what you write. What is the purpose of your writing then?

  • What do you think about buying a small piece of land and putting a small kit house on it then renting that out?

  • Brilliant – can’t wait to jump in

  • I love how you teach. THIS is how to present a topic. Instructors could do well to emulate you. Bravo!

  • Great video. Thank you taking the time to explain all aspects of the business.

  • Awesome advice!! Peter is the Truth!!

  • sitting here watching this on my laptop while using my phone looking at multi-families on loopnet. Then he says "The next thing i want you to do is go on to loopnet" beat ya to it. Great tip though, i will certainly start calling and building the relationships. Great information thanks! i spend all my days on loopnet running numbers and doing all the background research to see if they are good deals. Never thought about how much more useful it would be to build relationships with realtors

  • I didnt get why u couldn't do the same thing to the 4plex (residential)that u did with the 5 unit(commercial)..U ca't increase rent $50 a month?

  • I am all the way to 25:04 but I had to run to groceries. Amazing information that you shared. thank you so much! I will definitely return and you Sir just gained a follower.

  • Great video! More people need to see this! Your channel and my channel are the complete opposite in the ways that we try and teach people about real estate, but we both try and get the same message out: Real Estate is a good investment vehicle!

  • Excellent class. Thank you so much!

  • I appreciate this lesson 🙂 Thanks so much !

  • Mr Peter, how does one go about starting the master lease? Do you go and discuss first with a lawyer/ or you let the real estate agent knows that you plan to use the master lease option?. … please give me some feedback. Thank you.

  • Very good content! Watching from DR Congo. Can you please share your email? Azun

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