How To decorate with SILK FLOWERS – Interior Design

Silk Flowers, Artificial Flowers, Interior Design Silk Flowers like you’ve never seen before. San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you accessory …



  • Beautiful arrangements , I would love to replace a lot of mine with some of these beauties, thank you a great video !

  • Rebecca I love all your designs.I loved how you designed your daughter's apt.You are so pretty very classy and you. 💜💕😊😀😃😁

  • I've always considered a lot of purples to be neutral, too. I have a ton of plants…if the color rings true to nature, it usually works as a neutral or a great accent color.

  • Good quality silk flowers are amazing. Especially if you move them around, the house, and try to use in appropriate season. They might be a bit more expensive but they will last years. And don’t put them in the sunlight , when they fade they look so cheap and nasty. This shop is amazing I saw so many things I would of liked to of brought . Sadly I live in England.

  • My wife is also a designer of silk flowers in Israel

  • Great choice of car. 🙂 Vroom! Vroom!

  • Love YOU BUT PLZ DONT Say the K word eww eww hate those Kuntz

  • Well, they may be better quality and all, but I go to Michael's and customize or trim the threads off the flowers a bit and use my own containers with some moss or whatever. These prices are for people who actually have actual $. I'm a senior on SSI.

  • I didnt actually hear you say you liked the Kardashians but theres a bit of hate for even mentioning the name! Im a huge fan of live plants but these look amazing, I guess good styling can even make fake plants look amazing 💐

  • I'm so done with Brown's and beiges….started over with true gray, navy blue and white, so I like the metal tub. You're a fabulous designer. I need you to help me!!!…seriously. So if you're ever in the Texas Hill Country…stop on by.

  • Visually the tissue box under the plant would be a good idea but it clues the eye that the plant is faux, because I real plant would drip on the tissues. Whenever I use faux plants/florals I display them as I would if they were real i.e. with a tray under cachepots to contain water, never directly on top of an expensive book or sitting on wood furniture. I also pay attention to if the real version needs light or is shade tolerant when choosing faux plants so I don't stick a jade plant that needs full sun in a hallway with no natural light source.

  • Ur an AMAZING designer and decorator! I love ur hair in this video 💞

  • step away from the hair putty and eyeshadow. srsly

  • Hi Lovelyyy Rebacca…hearty congratulations on new car arrival..on that,i would like to say this seems my favorite video as its based on fresh flowersssss…ohhhh😍😍😍😍😍

  • U r a sweet person! <His wife talking!

  • You are amazing,always trying to help other businesses

  • Im going to buy from her! Love the flowers!

  • Rebecca keeps cutting her off every time she says something lol

  • awesome – loving the new car – love the shopping trip

  • Though you do have a cute personality, that's not why I watch these videos. Way too much time talking before the tutorial even starts. Make your videos more brief please.

  • It's sad that you think you're cool cos of the vehicle you purchased same as kardashian's. Very upsetting that you compare yourself to the non-substance kardashian women. You are the star and the coolest lady because you've got profession, you've got multiple skills, you've got great taste, you've got great looks, brains, sense of humour, body shape, you've got everything that the kardashians don't!!! Even the clothes, make up, hairstyle they wear -it's all their stylists' taste and choice, their make up artists n hairdressers choice, the words they're saying, the way they're acting – it's their highly paid professional staff advice them. They've got no education, no profession, no substance. You're way better and you ROCK Rebecca!!! I'm sure these kardashian could've bn proud and happy if they could have a great designer career like yourself but they e got no brains for that, sorry

  • Omg! We have exactly the same car. It does! It's amazing car 👍

  • I stopped watching when you said kardashians! Just wondered about other choices made if you like kardashians!

  • I know I'm late, but congrats on your new truck. I just got familiar your videos(hence the 6 year delay in congratulations). But you're a very talented person. Thank you

  • The flowers and greenery are beautiful, but, the prices are insane for fake flowers and chunks of wood! I'm taking my ideas to Michaels.

  • Just watching some older videos and they are just as amazing as the newer ones!

  • You are amazing Rebecca! I can't wait to subscribe to design sessions.

  • I need serious help from Rebecca! See, I'm a plant hoarder. It's hard to arrange things, as it's all about what my plants want! Oh, maybe I can start selling logs for $250 apiece, buy a big house and hire Rebbeca to come over and bring her hero, P. Allen Smith. Perfect! He's the GUY when it comes to plants!

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