In Residence: Rose Uniacke – inside the interior designers London home

Inside interior designer Rose Uniacke’s impeccably decorated Neo-Georgian London home. Read the full feature on NOWNESS: ___ …



  • For a happy assessment of a house this sure is depressing music

  • “It’s a very happy house.” Love that.

  • This is by far my favorite house, the one I can relate Inside to and with a favorite piece of Max Richter too

  • For those wondering about the music..
    Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight
    One of my favorite tracks…it suits this house…

  • This is beautiful and the cinematography is 10/10 but I wish there were more shots that actually showed the rooms instead of just the most pretty shot they could get in the room

  • The house is cold and barren, but it's the presentation- the music, the camera movement- that makes it wonderfully otherworldly

  • What a beautiful and serene film. What a beautiful character. What a delight to see her – I know her name from "World of Interiors", but to see her in her delightful environment means so much more !

  • A very beautiful and ☮️ home

  • I grew up with friends having houses and positions in life that comes with houses like this, I lost and regained and learned that all of us don't really talk and listen to Each other.

  • I'm crying xd I loved the video but I just realized that I will never have enough money to have such a fucking palace xddd

  • The music is dreadful. The house is nice but in some areas. The garden is so beautiful but too bare in some of these rooms. Too mausoleumish for me.

  • So amazing video, music and this woman 🧡

  • It does indeed comes across as a Venetian Palazzo with its high ceilings, mouldings, herringbone floors, and the light from that part of the world. To me, its even better than a Palazzo, because its subdued, with none of that ageing vibrant colors and gilding that always makes me feel like I was in the Sistine Chapel: wonderful to visit but uncomfortable to live in. With this space, I can actually see myself living in it.

    To date, this is the best episode from this excellent channel.

  • This lady is my neighbour.
    She's actually a really nice person to speak with

  • What a lovely home. She has really great taste.

  • Look I duh know but don't ya think it's a bit creepy? it's like a slow walk through an exhibition or you're actual inside the "international design monthly" magazine or something, it doesn't look real or lived-in. that's just me.

  • Big rooms with things in it, its a happy house……….

  • "It's a very happy house". I love the house and the thoughtful love poured into it. Exquisitely decorated. Thank you for sharing. I'm inspired!

  • Its all about light…. Light, light light…

  • Anyone recognized Max Richter's music?

  • The spirit of this house is very beautiful

  • What is this music that I absolutely love and I know that I have heard before in a motion picture? Someone please tell me.

  • The house no doubt is happy …..but the music somehow is adding a soft layer of sadness ……

  • When Ms. Uniacke looked down and for a brief moment allowed us to see the undoubtedly immense personal struggle in all that was involved for such a gorgeous success, it was impossible not to be so moved by her emotion… Thank you, Ma'am…

  • "Curiously the house doesn't feel very big"……………….erm, right.

  • This was like watching the most disturbing scenes from "La Dolce Vita".

  • Seems like a sad place. Like some tragic event happened here. Beautiful yet lonely. She seems sad herself 2:11

  • Money can't perhaps buy happiness but God if it increases the chance for its arising ….

  • Wow! The photography is just stunning. Max Richter's music emphasizes the monastery side of it.

  • They hired Hans Zimmerman to do a private concert

  • She made an enormous formal space feel intimate.

  • Max Richter's music gives this house another dimension

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