Interior Design – A Family-Friendly Home Influenced By Scandinavian Design

Designer Gillian Lazanik of Affecting Spaces shares her own home makeover that’s not only functional for her family of four, but reflects their personality.



  • I love the leather chairs in the front room. Saw them in an art gallery in Montreal. Anyone know where I can get them?

  • Love it! Love the black wall and deer, all the art, clean lines and hide. I want that puzzle rug.

  • ahhhhh this makes me soou happy!!! i love scandinavian design.

  • The animal skull and horns above the bed is pretty weird and creepy.

  • Clean look but needs textiles. Listen when she speaks…. echo..echo.. echo! Makes it sound cold and hard.

  • I see a lot of Ikea. I use Ikea a lot too.

  • she did a great job with this house, but I think I would die if my renovation took 8 years to complete!!! I've been working on my first house for almost a year and a half now and at this point I'm ready to stab myself with my coffee spoon…ugh. 😒 #anydaynowmrcontractor

  • Things that look like Heaven seem appealing

  • P.S and the colour please. Thank you, Monica.

  • I would greatly appreciate if you could you let me know what brand of laminate you used and the size of the boards.  Thank you, Monica.

  • Can you lease tell me what flooring you used. Thank you.

  • I needed to watch this tonight. 8 years is a long time to renovate your home but it is worth it to make it your own. beautifully done, I love the Scandinavian touch 🙂

  • beautiful, loved the bathroom with colorful wall…

  • Not a fan of animal hide but I really like the way this was redesign.  Love that large sliding door.  I would put a bit more color but very nicely done.

  • dat ikea green bar cart is everywhere

  • why would I sleep and wake up with a head of deer hanging over me…meh

  • Please check out my new interiors instagram! @feelsofhome

  • how heigh is the ceiling?

  • I extremely love the puzzle carpet gray and white touches! I love it! Where did you buy it? I hope you don't mind my asking? As well as the Living Room center table it is so cute(",)(,")

  • can you give me specifics on the flooring [laminate wood floor]? what brand and color? thank you!

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