Interior Design advice . ..Help is on the way!

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  • So generous of you Rebecca to give back to your community this way!

  • You're a force to be wreckened with.

  • A wonderful and creative idea! 🙂

  • Hey that is the dress from Italy wuju! You look great Rebeca! 😀

  • Could you please do this again soon? I was SOO excited about it but i only just realised since this was posted on May 9 and its only May 1 i just realised it was 2011. 🙁 please do it again!

  • Hi Rebecca! I'm so excited that I stumble upon your channel. My fiance & I had just moved into our new home and we haven't gotten most of our furniture yet; so before I make any mistake; I was wondering if it's okay with you if I can submit a picture of my family room to you. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  • i was wondering is makeover mondays was going to be back? :DD

  • Hey guys, Its ME…. Rebecca… just an update on Makeover Mondays…. As you know we are on break for the summer but will be back in full swing this fall. Be sure to check back during the summer as we will continue to upload videos on the 4 big projects we are completing as we speak!

    I look forward to getting back to Makeover Mondays in the fall when I can help you achieve the rooms you are dreaming of 🙂 Love you, Rebecca

  • @aloishamullan Of course. God luck with the remodel. If you feel like it needs a special touch to finish it off, I'll be happy to take a look at it! Follow the instructions in the "show more" drop down box and submit to Makeover Mondays… Hope to see you there 🙂 RR

  • Hi @ruthlesz28, Watch edition one of the Makeover Mondays series. I address a Baby's room/Office combination. It might be helpful for you. Paste this into your search box.. " Baby's room and Office decor on Makeover Mondays #1" . Your challenge sounds more like a space issue which is definitely a challenge. Sometimes its a matter of getting rid of "STUFF" and sometimes its realizing your family is growing out of your space and you just need to move! Hope the vid helps! RR

  • @sweetkiki16 Yes it is… Thanks for noticing 🙂
    I LOVE IT!! RR

  • That dress looks great!! Is that the one you purchased in Italy?

  • hello im inspires but i really dont have the talent to do what you do i need help on my 510 sq ft jr 1 bedroom apt with a 9 month old baby and another 1 on the way its crazy to think on how we can have a nice apt without suffering with no space at all. i hope you can help me thank you!!

  • i can't even get a straight on picture of 2 of my walls because my room is so narrow… 🙁

  • Hi @GirlGeekLovesStampin, I love Shabby Chic. Living in Southern California, I have had the opportunity to do that style a number of times. Its very fun and eclectic creating a warm and friendly environment. I might possibly do a video dedicated to it but not on Makeover Mondays unless the selected subscriber requests it. Right now, I'm concentrating on MM videos but eventually, I will be adding completed projects back to the mix. Its very time consuming as you might guess. thanks, RR

  • I really love your videos. Would you be willing to discuss the Shabby Chic style one Monday? I have been planning to redecorate and would like some best practices around Shabby Chic. Thank you so much.

  • Hi @justdreadest, Storing all the "stuff" we all seem to need.. lol… is a challenge I know!
    I'm sure if you submit your room to Makeover Mondays, and its selected, I will be able to come up with some ideas for you….
    BTW, Episode #1 is ready to be uploaded in a few hours… be sure to come back to see who won and what I recommend the lucky winner do to improver her living space!
    Best, RR

  • Hi and thanks @roomtourlover. The first Makeover Mondays video is getting its last minute polish as we speak.. …. making sure the music isn't too loud… lol… I can't wait to upload. The winner will be VERY SURPRISED 🙂 after watching, Sharrah thinks people are going to love the series because you can learn a lot about design even if its not YOUR room. Not sure what time I will upload.. probably 11AM PST but its during my work day when I need to stay focused. lol WATCH 4 IT… RR

  • I wish you would redo my room 🙁

  • DIVA please i am a true follower of your channel, and you have my designs in your mind, we just seem to mesh, my christmas stuff is soooo organise that i cannot wait for christmas, (first time) i know exactly what i need to buy for next year, but i'm in a jam here, i have more clothes, jewelry, purses, shoes and applicances (i can open a store,) I dunno how to to store them, i did the thing with the pictures of the shoes on the boxes, but i don't like how the boxes looks HELP!

  • @Lubbcookie cont; or her channel main page and YT would thing she is cheating and will take away her partnership.. She mentioned it on a video titled : robesondesign looses partnership, (or something like that).. and I know how YT pays because of a video kandeejohnson here on YT (A beauty guru) explained… 🙂 hope I explained myself, and sorry for the long comments, but coudn't explain it any other way

  • @Lubbcookie cont; if they catch you clicking or cheating they take your partnership away, and you can't ever be partner again, and YT won't promote your videos or your work, etc.. But mean people can use that for bad. Rebecca explained on a video that when someone says something mean about any of her sons or daughter or family members she does respond to the person saying that they don't have the right to be mean, or something… and the person can just click on the adds either on the vid (cont)

  • @Lubbcookie what I know is: when a channel becomes Youtube partner,they start putting adds in the videos, so if people see something they r interested in buying they can click on it or they let people now about new things, each time they click on an add and buy something + the view they give something like 10% of a quarter per view (wish isn't much but it helps). But the partner cannot click on any of her/his adds because it's like if you were cheating trying to fool YT to make more money (cont)

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your talent and that of your children lol…. can you please tell me what is the name of the color/brand of paint you have on your wall in this video?

  • @STRAWBERRY29091984 I'm not sure I understand your question… are you asking if it's just for US residents? No… Makeover Mondays is for EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. Because its all done through YouTube, It's possible for me to do a room design critique for people regardless of where they live!! Hope you will join in the fun… RR

  • Is this just for us residents?

  • Btw, could you please do a video on Makeup organizing? 🙂

  • hi rebecca, i just love your designs and was wondering how can you somehow design two rooms for me. i just moved so the canvas is blank and im in need of your help

  • love your style Rebecca! Gorgeous dress!!!!!!!!

  • i love youtube. i live in australia and without it i wouldnt be able to watch you every day!

  • @shadowclaw81, The first contest winner had to back out because her parents were not in agreement with her redoing her room. I reselected a winner from that contest and completed the 3D design of the room. They are working on it now and will upload a video of it when it's completed. The second contest winner of "the most disgusting room" moved 2 weeks after winning the contest. I have promised to do her new room when she is settled .. just waiting to hear when she's ready. Thanks for asking 🙂

  • @mizzzlizzz02 awweee thanks 😉 RR

  • Hi Rebecca!!! I remember that dress you are wearing!!! It looks great on you!!!!!

  • Rebecca is pretty much the coolest chick ever.

  • @Bobesque Turning old/ugly pieces of furniture into something current and pretty is already on HGTV. Back in the day when I had to decorate on a strict budget… mine… I did that type of thing. Now days, I design high-end, custom residential homes. There's not a need for reclaimed furniture in those homes… Makeover Mondays will be different from my real job because they will be simple suggestions anyone can do to make your spaces better. Hope you join us!

  • @sweetelin96 Anyone can participate. All countries welcome 🙂 Rebecca

  • You are awesome! So excited for Mondays now… who would have thought!

  • This is gonna be a great series! Can't wait to see it!

  • Wonderful idea! I 'm looking forward to you "Monday Makeovers" videos Rebecca!!

  • oh becca, i heard you do stuff like turning old/ugly pieces of furniture into something current and pretty. you should do some tutorials of that, that would be interesting!

  • BEAUTIFUL!! You look gorgeous momma! Love you!!

  • @weshasawi Awweee, no, sorry. That has been one of the issues I have had on youtube. People think I do this like the TV show…. Extreme Home Makeover … not so. Every video I upload regarding interior design projects is actually a paid position. Clients hire us to makeover their homes. I wish I could back a truck up to everyones house with free furniture but I'm just a working person like everyone else! Sorry…. RR

  • @Rodier1128 Awesome THanks… Now help me get the word out O.K.???
    Thanks, See you on Mondays! RR

  • @MiniMimi05 Yay! It's you. Thank you again for the awesome idea. I think its going to be great. Looking forward to seeing you each week 🙂 Rebecca

  • HEY MOM!!!! I Love the new video!!! "MANIC MONDAY" is going to be a blast! Can I enter? ;-p

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