Interior Design Basics! ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 17]

The Minecraft Survival Guide continues! This tutorial will show you how to fight a Witch, what happens when a creeper explodes outside of your front door, and …



  • How about building a shelf with oak slab and put on it a flower pot next to living room??

  • @pixlriffs is my favourite minecraft gamer

  • As i was watching this i enchanted my first diamond chest plate for protection 4 and i got bonus unbreaking 3 and thorns 2

  • In console edition you can empty potions into cauldrons

  • I am cycling throough the vids to find when he first got full d armor

  • The creeper was like ' SURPRISE MADAFAKA! '

  • I love this series man creativity, pro, an 100% understanding of the game 😁

  • you can fill a cauldron with potions and you can tiparrows with the potion

  • Riddle me this…
    Why do Eggs stack only to 16 while Steaks (who are larger than a egg in reallife) stack to 64?
    Its really mindbending. But hey… its a game!

  • l know l am a bit late but there ls a zombie spawner somewhat close to the spider spawner and l used this design to make a great exp farm:

  • Netherack is made of flesh, I'm certain of it.

  • i killed the witch by accident. they still spawn right?

  • 33:49 even I didn't know that and I'm a veteran

  • You can use flint and steel instead of the lava bucket

  • ~Note for me when I want to build a nonfunctional but aesthetically nice looking sink 21:21~

  • You can craft beetroot into red dye as an altrernative! You don't need to get flowers.

  • 20:13
    The chicken just donated him an egg xD

  • My mid-evil Cottage while he is living in a mansion

  • how come you manually craft? Why don't you use a crafting menu?

  • Tips:trap the chickens in a one block hole and put a hopper uder and a chest

  • I forgot to comment in an earlier episode, and I'm kind of bringing these, and I was wondering: why not make a rail system in your Nether Hub?

  • I love the house u built i wish i could live in it in minecraft <3 but i guess i have to stick to my tiny shack in the mountains 🙁

  • If u not using a furnace how would u make a bucket lmao lmao

  • Just finishing some designs * turns around* chicken lays an egg

  • the biggest problem players like you have is… if they want to explain something they talk and act that fast, that is nearly impossible to follow as a beginner. That makes the videos useless.

  • Birds can fly but..
    Fly can't bird

  • You know it took me 6 real days to finish my House. Coz I suck and I loose focus easily so Haahahah. But I've never been this successful in Minecraft ever. Sure mining fishing and stuff is easy but the house building is a totally different story.. Now I'm going to build a pen for my animals.. And I have to say it's going better than I expected. Thank you so much . You have no idea how much this series has helped me.. And it's quite weird watching from. The very start since the first video I saw is the Mansion vid then the breaking of bedrock and I was shookt to find out that the world you did that and this world is the same like. You have auto generating stuff there and very complex things.

  • Cauldron will fill up when its raining if im not mistaken

  • If you have a fire aspect enchantment on your sword and kill animals their meat will be cooked already

  • re binge watching here still love you vids

  • I once filled 15 maps for my world and died

  • The painting is a person lighting up a table cloth btw

  • It’s so dumb because in bedrock edition when you punch a paintings it destroys and you don’t get it back. Same with some other things

  • Should I build an aquarium in my barn? 😂

  • Good god that creeper scared me lol

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