Interior Design – How To Maximize Closet Space And Storage

Designer Maia Roffey of Black Sheep Interior Design and creator of offers expert advice on maximizing bedroom closet space. Get her clever organizing solutions and storage tips…



  • she is my new favorite person in the world

  • I like how you explain things

  • Thanks for that good idea good work

  • One of the best closet videos ever

  • Good video with basic suggestions for an average closet but none that I can adapt to my needs.  🙁

  • Very informative video! do you recommend any interior designers in Sydney, Australia?

  • Such a good practical video. Thanks!

  • What app is she using??

  • Would have preferred to see someone working in an actual closet or a closet makeover type of video.

  • i like my pants hanging, not folded by the half

  • pictures, pictures, pictures!

  • Hi Maia, Thank you for this detail closet organization information with all the measurements.  I found it extremely helpful and practical.  Cheers!!!  GGG

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