Who loves Mid Century Modern?! Don’t forget to answer the question of the video below!! Also stay tuned for TOMORROW’s video about the Early Access to the …



  • Contemporary style next please. Good video btw 👍

  • Pregunta is a question, your amazing. God bless you, I love your videos.

  • So informative and a really good length. Love your natural, easy going, funny and relaxed style of teaching and vlogging. So relaxing and so inspiring. You gone me confidence. Love your mum too. 💕💕💕💕

  • Hi!! Love your videos, they are life savers 💛. Question, could you mix two styles? And if so, which ones? Thank you!!

  • Linen-y….I love linen-y too! 😉

  • I would love your input on how to create a boho-chic-romantic looking therapy office, and I’m limited to a 10×10 space! Even if it’s a video on how to create that kind of look.

  • Your beautiful dog's name is Scout😊

  • Hi Sharrah! Your videos are so informative and inspiring and fun! ❤️

  • Transitional/contemporary next please😁

  • Did you need a degree? How did you get started with decorating for any young aspiring interior decorators?

  • This is so helpfull!! Thank you so much!! 😙😙

  • My style is anything from West Elm

  • love the shopping parts! and at places most ppl can go and afford!

  • Can you do contemporary next

  • where did you get the free standing shelf behind you?

  • Love your channel! Please do ‘how to shop for Industrial Design’… please, please, please.

  • Scout of cooooourse 🤷🏻‍♀️ beautiful caramel baby

  • Can you do coastal commentary for a living room next??

  • I like it when your personality and funny side comes out

  • Where is your large clock from?

  • Sharjah, I have a mini goldendoodle. Her name is Maggie. Scout looks a little darker in color. I like the abbreviation better than writing it all out. Looking forward to seeing what I call “country cottage” design.

  • Soooo much White, people must not have dogs

  • Your furry fluffy baby is called Scout…one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen 🙂

  • She reminds me of Cheryl from Archer 😂

  • Hey Sharrah, love your channel. If you were on HGTV I’d watch. I’m in love with the bookcase behind you, where did you get it?

  • Can you do a video on glam style??

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