Interior Design — Ideas For A Stylish Dorm Room Makeover

H&H’s Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper bring high style to a dorm room at the brand new George Brown College residences in Toronto. Learn how to transform a …



  • Very nice. Ironing drapes …a little detail that adds a crisp look. Upholstered chair would be comfortable to sit in.

  • Current goal: befriend these people before September so they do my room

  • why NO window coverings? hope they have shades already on the windows for all those campus peeping toms

  • Was the peacock spread from Bed Bath and Beyond, also? It is so pretty. Nice job on the room!

  • I miss Joel from these videos. 🙁

  • Hola, me encanta verlos trabajar juntos. Hacen muy buen equipo. Me gusta sus ideas. Un abrazo.

  • Did not care for the wall paper – I liked the idea of a focal point, just not that wall paper

  • The colors make the dorm room pop.

  • No curtains? At all? Even with a tension rod? What about privacy (I know it's a high rise, but peeping toms are very inventive)? What about blocking out sunlight to allow sleep?

  • She I moved almost every semester let alone each year…my room at best had posters but that was over 20 years ago…but this was nice

  • I’m so happy that Interior designers had difficulties with pillows! I have a hard time! 🤣

  • I never knew H&M had a home line…but I gotta check that out now…especially since I can't normally fit anything in there…lol…may as well see what they have for my home spaces.

  • i preferred the stark minimalism before the makeover.

  • Don't like the wall paper. Green bed looks like beds in some hospitals.

  • Personally, this makeover is just na a okay with me. Im not really a big fan of combining too much colors. There is no uniformity and makes the feels of being messy. But what can i say, still better than a plain old room.

  • I would have put the bed with the head beside the window, to the left. That bed was the width of the wall, if not a few inches over.

  • Perfecto nada que ver con un cuarto de escuela.

  • What is the brand of the wall paper?

  • I did the wallpaper thing, still got a penalty for 'ruining the wall'

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