Interior Design — Small Modern Family Home Makeover

In this small space makeover, designer Meghan Carter transforms a dingy main floor into a light-filled, functional space fit for an active family of four. See how …



  • I LOVE THIS! Please upload more home tours!!

  • I would LOVE to see all these shows with NO ONE talking on it but with background music only, and MAYBE, subtitles…

  • 🌸Very well done! I especially love the entryway closet space that was created.

  • The vocal fry is hard to listen to.

  • Cute. Would be much more enjoyable if Meghan could not phrase statements as questions

  • OMG! The kitchen / dinning and entry way has turned out so pretty and functional. What a change 😍😍😍. This is true renovation is like

  • so sad to see wood painted or covered up takes away from the original design/building

    homes like this should be restored and maintained, not altered

  • Nice design. I especially like how the kitchen was done.

  • Staircase railing looks like prison bars! So relaxing and homey.

  • Nice job,but gosh that accent is horrendous.

  • Im curious how much a renovation like this would cost?

  • I love the flooring and kitchen! Although not a wide space, seems very bright and open!


  • That’s beautiful lov the cabinets an the big window an glass doorway like you style

  • Gray, white, black color scheme again?!!!


  • I would like to know why there is not the gap between dry area and wet area with trim on the edges near the tub on the benches. In Brazil there is a strong habit of using wet area for water that falls on the countertop do not run on the floor and do not ruin the cabinet cabinet under the counter. And on the outside I realize that it's all straight. Can you explain?

  • I like everything except the dining banquet. Not a fan of banquet seating even on restaurants.. i think it takes up more space and not as comfortable especially when you need to stand up as everyone tends to stand up before you can get out especially if you’re in the innermost row. But overall, this was a fabulous space & great transformation from before.

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  • Like the door handle and closet handle.

  • she said its a herringbone pattern in the front entry, looks more like a chevron pattern

  • craftsman warmth destroyed by 1980s metro chic… ugh… "like totally"

  • Wow, very nice ! I would have been nice to see the second floor.

  • White, grey and some black…so "original". Thank goodness for the colors on the cushions and the green apples! Gosh, so same-old same-old boringness.

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