LETS TALK RECESSION | Real Estate Market Update 2019 | Christophe Choo Video

Listen in as Christophe Choo sits down with the founder of Keeping Current Matters and Top 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate, Steve Harney to discuss …



  • Recession talk is all propaganda from the DemonRATS, they have nothing but fear-mongering left, they're involved in the Russian hoax, the planted CIA DemonRAT "whistleblowers" who hear things 3rd party, California is a 3rd world toilet, with unfettered immigration and illegal immigration, DemonRAT controlled government to pay off union pensions, the fake-news corrupt mainstream media is #1 enemy of the American people…THERE WILL BE NO RECESSION unless you put in a DEMONRAT into the White House….

  • Great content but audio quality needs a lot of improvement.

  • The problem with the 2008 Recession, I was running a successful multi-million dollar business and it didn't really affect me until 4 year's later, all the money stopped flowing, people started holding on to there money and wasn't buying anything…

  • I find it interesting that every 19 years the real estate market reaches its peak; 1966: market peak, 1985: market peak, and 2004: market peak.  Conversely, 1976, 1994, and 2012 were all 'bottom-out' years–exactly ten years after the previous peak.  Now is the time to buy.

  • Thank you for the important information! You are the best!!

  • As long as interest rates are being held artificially low, housing prices will be artificially high. Realtors should not legally be allowed to make statements like "price appreciation may slow but it's not going to go negative." Or if they do make statements like that, they should be held legally liable if/when prices do go negative. You cannot predict the future, especially down to a tenth of a percent! That is reckless speculation. After the collapse of '08 you people said "No one could have seen this coming!" and yet here we are again. Same exact story, only a different year.

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