Real Estate Training – Open Houses

Are you a brand new agent or are you someone who is looking to make a sale in the next 30 days or less? In this video, real estate coach Tom Ferry gives you …



  • I hate it when Real Estate salespeople go through the neighborhood. Kids can't go outside to play with these Realtor's are prowling the area.

  • This is a great video! It provided some inspiration for our new video! You can check it out here

  • Here is one tip I have found for open houses, instead of having guests remove their shoes at your next open house.. just simply put out some disposable shoe covers on the front porch (Keeps owners happy and makes it less awkward for the Guests).. one place you can get those are here ..

  • the answer is no, I'm looking for more Brent, and Nate ads from Re/Max, sorry bud.

  • Good video on Effective Open Houses!

  • Thanks for the video got a open house on Sunday and this helps!

  • Very good. Especially the part about remembering that we only need one person that we can help. Its easy to get lost in the weeds in sales and marketing and forget that its about helping one person. 4:07

  • One of the most effective tools to stand out in the neighborhood. We love hosting Open House events in Jumeirah District, Dubai.

  • I'm a 17 year old just getting into college. Is it necessary to get a major in Real Estate?

  • open houses rule on Maui..thanks Tom!

  • Great Advice on Doing Open House. Sent to my agents.

  • You must make a fantastic auctioneer : )

  • Great Training — Our Agents in Southwest Florida think your the best!

  • Effective open houses are an important way to feature the best side of a home. While we did not have the real estate crash you did, open house strategies are good to have in place.
    Love the idea of 5 craigs list ads. and 10-30 signs!

  • Success means: I want to know the work I do means something to somebody and helps make the world, if not a Better place, not a worse one. Click slapCompany to view my channel.

  • I love your videos, your enthusiasm is wonderful, and great advice. Look forward to your new videos.

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