Shopping for and decorating my NEW ROOM! Being an Interior Designer for a week! Part 2

See Room designing Part 1, when I told you guys about my sister moving in as part of our huge BACK TO SCHOOL preparation? Well, we …



  • What is that little printer thingy

  • Will you do a mixing all my slimes. Love you.

  • No hate or anything but I honestly don’t understand why she can’t just reuse ALL of the things she already has no wonder she says “i have sooooo much junk” she probably has like 3 closets full of stuff that she could reuse

  • hi Annie I'm moving in a apartment in January and my room is going to be cool and nice and I can't wait I'm so so so so so so pumped up but a problem is my bed is going to have to get unscrewed and my dad is going to screwin a again wow slot of work wow but I'm still pumped and love you Annie 😍😍😍😍😍

  • no hate but you always buy stuff for room you need to use the stuff that is in your room before so yeah

  • If you to 2:44 she ands soon much like her mum

  • Why y’all hating? She just likes to decorate!

  • This is no hate but why do you always change your room

  • I don’t want to budge in your business but are your parents divorst but don’t worry my parents are divorst

  • Oh my gosh me and Annie have the same water bottle lol

  • Best channel ever plz give me a shout out

  • I would love that “junk” 😂

  • im so confused because u said u like in an apartment and your in a house?? U have like three other siblings and u use likke 3 room for ur stuff

  • love you so so much annie i watch you all the time and love yall!

  • Not hating but your always redoing your room like every week

  • I can't stop watching this video Annie! I love this series. I probably watched this series 100 times already love u girl!👍👍😄😄😄

  • Im gonna try and make my room tumblr/aesthetic any tips

  • Is her new room in the apartment?

  • I love Annie and your vidios😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💙

  • Hey Annie I rrrrrreeaaaaallllyyyy want to win the Apple Watch because I really would appreciate I’ve been looking for a new watch but they are all very expensive I also love and I think ur so sweet and amazing and so adorable. I love your videos and love watching you do something you love to do so much.

  • I want the Apple Watch because I want to give it o someone in my family. To make them happy

  • Who else noticed at 9:10 her dad was wearing Maverick merch

  • oh my gosh you are like a mini alisha lollll ❤️ i love you both

  • T.j.maxx? Isn't it T.k.maxx?

  • Why do you need so many rooms ? Don't you need just one …?😊😍😍😍

  • Im gonna get a new room so im geting relly much ides from you

  • Annie's kind of spioled( not trying to be mean I love Annie)

  • am i the only one that would be pissed if i had to move my room again and get the smaller room and have to live with your sister AND have to get the smaller bed?

    ps im not hating i just love how annie always has a good vibe and a good attitude about everything when most people would be mad

  • Can someone explain to me why she liked a comment about someone getting an iPhone x but she doesn't like or respond to comments from her fan saying they love her.

  • I swear to god you redecorate a room in your house everyyyy MONTHHHH!

  • Oh my gosh I love you. You are so happy all the time you are my roll model. I love your channel so much I watch it every day 😘

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