SketchUp tips for interior designers

This video is a recording of a presentation given by Josh Reilly at the 2015 Clerkenwell Design Week in London (May 19 – 21). It is intended for SketchUp …



  • why should we keep modeling all geometry on layer 0?

  • Brilliant . This is a keeper….

  • this only works with premium account. Can't do grouping etc. with regular browser, should state these things in tutorials. There's a great deal you can't do without premium, just basic building blocks.

  • Very very good. I am taking a kitchen and bath design course which includes SketchUp. I am going to watch this everyday until it all sinks in…working in 3D is so different than 2D!

  • from 50:53 how to do section cuts,animation and scences…plzzz explain

  • I'm not getting dynamic models….in 3d ware house..

  • Much appreciated for uploading. Really useful informations.

  • Loved the eraser tips, thanks so much:)

  • Very nice and usefull video, good explanation.

  • BUT .. Can you Export a model or group etc ?
    Like Say.. To Blender ..
    Great Info/Video!

  • fantastic! Thank you so much. It's so nice to hear your thought process and see how to use advanced options in a real world functional context!

  • i wear headphones and its like your spitting on my eardrums..i can hear your saliva is exploding in the bass sound.

  • Terrific presentation, lots of helpful pointers. Just wondering about the purpose of scaling the surfaces if they are patterns from manufacturers such as countertop designs . If those swatches are fixed patterns offered by the manufacturer then it's not something that could actually be precisely scaled, is that correct? Is it more for visualization purposes only?

  • Fantastic video and tutoring – easy to understand. Thanks

  • Are you using a 3D mouse to achieve that fluid camera movement at 18:40?

  • Very good and really professional ! Well done and thanks!

  • With Thanks ! Very2 Helpful tips.

  • I'm finding your videos extremely helpful. What software do you use to record them? Love the zoom-in feature!

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